What is a bank levy?

If you have failed to pay your taxes with the IRS, they can seize your finances and assets.

The process of releasing your frozen bank accounts from the IRS is a “bank levy release.”

A bank levy is issued by the IRS when your taxes remain unpaid and a resolution has not be reached. The IRS will freeze your bank accounts and seize any money in your bank account up to the amount that is owed including penalties and interest. The IRS can issue a bank levy as many times as needed until the tax owed is paid.

The IRS is very determined in collecting your tax owed and will come after your wages and property as well. During an IRS bank levy, once the bank freezes your account, you have to make arrangements within 21 days. If you have failed to comply, the bank will send the funds to the IRS the day after.

How to release a bank levy?

Talk to a tax professional and get help immediately.

Do not wait until the last day to seek out a bank levy release as the process can take a few days.

If your bank accounts has been frozen by the IRS, it is recommended to seek advice from a tax professional who can provide the available options for your situation. Here are some methods to resolving your IRS bank levy:

Dealing with the IRS can be an overwhelming task and convincing them to release a bank levy is difficult and is dependent upon the facts and your circumstances. If you continue to wait, the IRS may consider placing a “Wage Garnishment” on your pay until the tax owed is completed. Our firm has conducted thousands of bank levy release negotiations over the years and have been able to successfully help our clients obtain their money and resolve their tax owed.


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